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Jul. 22nd, 2006

akbar, trap

"Why'd you open your bong-hole you smelly hippy?"

I thought it necessary to do this. I don't have much going on so it should be short.
I started my Fry costume for The Con. next week I'm gonna help my brother try to make a bender costume. I tried to suggest Zapp and Kif, but he didn't like the idea. I'm very excited about being back in Atlanta on the 10th. My only concern is that my classes start on the 21st, and my advisor insists on advising me in person. I think I can see why. Marcella is juggling interviews and job offers, so hopefully we won't be relying on my Grad student earnings. Um...my MP3 player broke. I can't get this one to owrk at all, so I might need to buy a new one. Any reccomendations? I's awesome that I bought it June 30th last year and it died July 13th of this year. I'm spent. Time to go run.

Jun. 8th, 2006


I sent wave after wave of my own men at them...

This day will live in infamy! My brother was going to spend some time rocking out with Guitar Hero this morning. He woke only to see that his data file was corrupt and he lost all of his progress. He had finished all the way through "Crossroads" on Hard. I was speachless. I told my boss that I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I can go be there and at least lend moral support. It's never easy losing something you love with all your heart. He was inconsolable for a while. Now he is filled with grim determination and I could not be more proud.
Aside from that I am starting to prepare for my move back to the Atlanta area. Every sticky-hot 115 degree day reminds he how much Houston is a hole. I plan to drive back the second week of August. This should provide enough time for me to get advised and get my teching materials for my Physics Labs. Marcella is busy with phone interviews and the like. Dragon-Con is fast approaching and my brother and I have decided on our costumes. I need to shake a leg and get my supplies together. So in summary:

Corrupted Data -> Bad
Skipping Friday -> Good
Atlanta -> Good
Dragon-Con -> Good
Procrastination -> Bad.


May. 7th, 2006

akbar, trap

You can't appreciate Shakespeare until you've read him in the original Klingon."

For me, this is big. Today I resumed running. Allow me to explain myself. I ran the Houston Marathon in January of this year. A month later I found that every time I tried to run after that I got shooting painsin my left knee. I went to a place called Luke's Locker, where I was fitted by a a very knowledgeable shoe salesperson. I finally got a pair of shoes that fit well, and compliment my running style. I went out and ran a few miles. I'm still going to the doctor, but it's good to know I can still run.


Apr. 13th, 2006


Phy51cZ PwN4g3!

Yeah...um...I accepted the offer from Georgia State to be a part of their Ph.D. program. It was that, UCONN, or University of Houston. This has nothing to do with Dragon-Con. Seriously. That's all for now.

Mar. 6th, 2006

Oddworld, Abe

The Lost Chapters

Um...I'm getting married in 12 days. I'm really excited. Marcy and I are going to Barcelona after that. I'm really excited. I got an e-mail from a Professor at GSU who studies Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions. I'm really excited. My brothers are coming to Dragon-Con with me this year. I'm extatic. I got a promotion at work (no pay raise though). Eh. That's all I got for now. I've been playing DND Online, which is unimpressive, and Civ 4, which is great. Things seem to be on an up swing. That is about it.

Oct. 27th, 2005

akbar, trap

I want a WWKD shirt

What Would Kirk Do. I was considering having them made...could be profitable. Also, mock-PETA shirts that say have your Tribbles spayed/neutered, eh?
My main concern lately has been what would be a good costume for next years Dragon-Con. Anyone out there have a good idea? I've been trying to think of the best choice for video game characters, and movie/TV characters. I was considering a group of the Diablo Characters, or Old 8-bitish Final Fantasy guys. It's tough not to go to something as urbane as a jedi or star trek officer. Also I am now the offical Hydrolic Piston Calibration Tech, but that's not quite as pressing of a matter. I'm spent...caffine leaving system...

Sep. 27th, 2005


Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years.

Does it ever seem like all your posts are damn-near identical. I run, I go to work at GE, I play Morrowind( over and over and over again). OH! Note: The next installation of the Morrowind Saga come out this holiday season. It is so beautiful, so interactive, and you get to fight the legions of Oblivion (A.K.A Hell). Needless to say I will hav this new Morrowind. The old one is still great thoug. I have beat this game 4 times, and am stil discovering new treasures, bandit camps to bring to justice, holy quests for the gods. I just killed a giant Jelly-fish with a salad fork for The Trickster god. What can I say, I'm a sucker for games where you are the savior of the world (See Abe's Anthology) Marcy left for the week to attend some kind of bridal shower. All I know is that I have been eat all the stuff I love, like chili since Sunday. Eh, I'm spent.

Sep. 20th, 2005

akbar, trap

The Final Ding...

My dad got first place in his most recent bodybuilding competition...so now he qualifies for a competition in Atlant and one in Houston in a few months. That's cool. I am officially on a list of people who will be trained as Six Sigma Balck Belts for GE....sweet. Also offically quit WoW to focus on studying for the Physics GRE in December. Applying to several schools in Houston, Atlanta , and Connecticut. Hurricane Rita is coming towards us here in Houston, but I refuse to believe the hype. Oak out.

Sep. 6th, 2005


I hax0|23d y0u|2 M0M !!1!

It's gone just as fast a it came. Dragon-Con '05 was a flurry of costumed geeks, loud goths, and gamers of every shape and size. I arrived in Atlanta Thursday evening and got my badge Friday morning. We all saw great costumes...and piss-poor costumes, played a few games, listened to the history of robot fighting, and even attended a horror film festival. I felt guilty for not having my costuem finished in time, but I will prevail this halloween when the costume stores are open. I am going to get my yellow face paint, and I am also considering other costumes that will be really cool.
I brought some fresh meat to "the Con" this year. Marcella's sister's roommate and that girls father, Rich. They enjoyed everything and made sure to get their fill of LOTR discussion groups, local clubes and costume design forums. They'll be attending next year, in a theatre-grade costume ( most likely Gandalf and Eowyn) If you want to join the fellowship just let me know. It was all Con-gasmic.

Aug. 18th, 2005

Oddworld, Abe

Un-contained excitment...

I can't hold back... In two weeks I will be in Atlanta at Dragon-Con '05. I am on the verge of completing my Professor Frink costume, and I have been saving for weeks so I have plenty of money to blow. Will I buy a spiked gauntlet, bootleg DVD's, or rare action-figures? Who knows! I promised a friend at work a shirt with a good physics joke on it... He'll hafta settle for a bad physics joke. HA! THe guys and I are bringing some fresh meat this year. Apparently my fiancee's sister's friend & Dad are hell-bent on going to the Con. I wonder who could have talked it up and convinced them to go. We're gonna hit some tournaments, Elvsh 101, and maybe some other forums.
GE is wonderful. If I said otherwise, guys in black suits would abduct me and re-educate me. I finally transfered from temp to full-fleged employee.

That's as good as it gets. Boo-yeah!

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